Breakfast by the Ruins

At 6 am in the morning, I was dumbfounded at an unfamiliar sight — I wasn’t at my house or my UPLB apartment, it was cold, the room was dark and everything was a blur. Where was I? I panickly asked myself, not remembering that the day before, I haphazardly hopped on the earliest bus to Baguio City to escape the negativities of my life and to just relieve all the stress — No asking permission + No travel preparations + Not enough money, just courage and a craving for adventure.  I finally came to my senses when my good friend victor entered the room and greeted me a good morning. He told me about our itinerary for the day and I suddenly remembered the situation and how much I was excited about that day. I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Y-E-S! Fun at last!

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Happy 1 year Anniversary of Blogging with WordPress!

6 April 2017! This day is a very important day for!

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of “legit” and official blogging with WordPress! Can you believe that I’ve lasted a year? I absolutely can’t! Everything seemed so impossible back then. I’ve always thought that I’ll somehow lose interest to blog or find excuses or reasons to stop writing and just be lazy. Wow! You’ll never really know until you get there huh? I’m really glad I did.

I just want to say that it has been a long journey for me and so much has changed— from my faulty and careless writing and my poorly processed photos to a much better writing style with adequate photos to absolutely zero readers to a few hundred, I can honestly say that I have come so far. Although my post count failed to reach 30 posts, don’t fret, I plan on exceeding that number soon.

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There’s a New Ice Cream Store in Town – Snow Creme

Just a few more hours before the New Years Eve and I’m really anxious to leave 2016 behind me. A lot of things has happened and whether or not it was for the good or bad, I just wanna see it end and be ready for the next year.

*Speaking of one of the good things that has happened this year, the recent launch of the Metro Manila Film Festival or the MMFF has recieved mixed comments from various netizens both online and on air broadcast but generally was well-received. I was one of the people who watched and really gave my support to the film fest— being really happy that we as Filipinos had finally opened our eyes to Indie culture and gave opportunities to local artists and fresh talents. If you haven’t watched one of the eight films yet, then I am encouraging you to do so.

A few days ago, after watching “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2”, me and the honeybees decided to take a stroll at Maginhawa in hopes of discovery a new place to hang out at and also to feature at the blog.

We came across this recently built Ice cream place nearby Griddle and Infinitea and was confused of whether or not the place was open because of the lack of people/customers inside.

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Choose to Appreciate this 2017!

This is a friendly reminder to you, you beautiful human, to start realizing how much the people around you are struggling, surviving and fighting their own difficult battles, and that they deserve to be appreciated for their strength and perseverance.

Everyday, there are people who go through different things that we can never understand or may never know about. This coming 2017, I wanted to start the habit of appreciation. It’s giving the people around you, who you may or may not be close with, the appreciation and recognition that they deserve, for what? For fighting on and for never giving up. These people, although they may not directly affect your everyday choices, has this amazing 1 in a million chance to change your life in some way in the future or be there when things get rough and difficult. This lovely gesture can vary from saying “Thank you for being there for me.” Or “I appreciate all your hard work, you deserve to be recognized”.

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HAPPON RAMEN HOUSE MAGINHAWA – Quality Ramen for only 198PHP

After our recent discovery of MOKJA MAGINHAWA, A Korean Buffet for less than 350PHP,  me and gang were pumped to try even more restaurants here in Maginhawa, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

*Side note – We started with the tradition of watching a movie — The latest in the Star Wars franchise, “Rogue One”, will probably write something about it but for now, let’s just say that 30 minutes before the movie ended, I was already in tears. Probably (Spoiler Alert) because they all (Spoiler alert) – died in order to secure the plans/blueprint of the Death star. “Rebellions are built on hope”, right?

We decided to venture a little further in the long street of Maginhawa and found this recently built complex around 143 Maginhawa. You would easily spot it as the building is really well lit and the Empire Fashion Cafe’s large sign would immediately catch your attention, as it did with us. The Place that caught our attention is this cute Japanese Ramen house that we were eager to try. It’s called Happon Ramen House.

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Mokja Maginhawa – Korean Buffet for less than 350PHP

December 12 marked the end of my semester (the hardest one so far) and the start of my Christmas Vacation, and you know what that means — Gimiks and Adventures! I can FINALLY catch up with all my friends and on everything I have missed back here in Manila.

Three days ago, me and my best friend Razbert celebrated his birthday by hanging out, watching MOANA and trying out this awesome new restaurant in Maginhawa.

*Side note – MOANA was really beautiful. The songs + the graphics and every element of the movie were all mixed together in a great way that made the movie so beautiful. I’m still singing the songs until now (3 days later) and may be singing it for a few more.*

As a usual maginhawa visitor (since we both studied in Claret School of QC) we are fond of trying out new food places and cafes around the area, something that we do as a form of bonding. And since maginhawa street is a bustling and rising food hub here in the Quezon City, there is always something new to try and more and more food to taste and discover.

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Christmas Gift Ideas – The Top 18 Shops on my Wishlist 

A season of Joy, Love and Thanksgiving! Christmas is almost here. The holiday that both children and adults have all been waiting for. And you know what that means— GIFTS! 
Every Christmas, it is a tradition of families all over the world to celebrate the wondrous birth of Jesus and all the love that has been shared because of that. It is the time where houses are decorated with gleeful accessories and designs, Christmas Trees and lights. When Children sing Christmas carols and spread optimism and lastly where families cherish each other by being together.

In my family, Christmas is a day where we are all happily together— eating our Christmas themed food and drinks, watching Christmas Movies and yes, Exchanging gifts!

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5 Loaves & 2 Fish – You’d wish you had a branch near you

How are you doing? We recently moved to our new residence a few months ago and being a person who loves to go out and explore places uncharted, the first thing on my mind, were the possible places I could visit/feature and restaurants I should eat at. I just HAD to check out the nearby cafes and shops. I found out from the net that there’s this hangout place, one tricycle ride away from my place and having no prior commitments or ganaps that day, I had to see what was up.

The place is called “The Rock” at Don Antonio. The place opens with a huge 2-story Starbucks branch at the front, A Starr’s Milkshakes branch inside together and a few third wave restaurants beside them. There were also Spas and Salons at the second floor, but what really caught my attention was this restaurant called “5 Loaves and 2 Fish” at the center.

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Lunch at 1954 Diners Project at Los Banos Centtro Mall

As the Finals week of our University begins, us college students are dreaded with the pressure of studying for exams, making papers and submitting different academic requirements all in on week. Most of us persist in not sleeping for days, some indulge in the vices of cigarettes and junk food and there’s me — I write and eat 25 times a day.

Sleepless and drowning in coffee, I found myself wanting to take a breather and make a blog post… (you know, just to distract myself and pretend I don’t have a ton of things I need to finish.)

So I wondered about what was up around me and I heard about this new joint near my apartment that is making raves in social media and my friend’s Snapchat stories, it was a place called Diners Project.

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Ballet Manila’s Cinderella, Making Dreams and Magic a Reality

Love, dreams, magic and “A Happily Ever After“. Ballet Manila has once again awakened the dreamer within me, rekindling my passion for the arts and igniting my inner desires to be part of a Ballet performance. Aliw Theater has been enchanted once more as they showcase the beautiful and classical story of Cinderella and how she has reached her dreams. Together with Prince Charming, The Fairy godmother, Her Adorable animal friends and her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters, Lisa Macuja Elizalde’s Cinderella will make you and your family fall in love, laugh with the Stepmother’s antics and remember the good ol’ days when fairy tales were all you ever needed to watch and it was perfect.

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